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3x Thrombocid GEL 15mg/g 100g Antivaricose Therapy Extra Strength



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3x Tubes of Thrombocid Gel 100g / 3.53oz 15mg/g (Extra Strenght – 15x Extra Stronger )
15mg/g Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium Thrombocid Ointment Gel is indicated in the following situations:
Mild to moderate muscle pain, contusions and post-traumatic pain.
Topical adjuvant therapy of varicose syndrome.
Complications of treatment with injectables (superficial thrombophlebitis, effusions / hematomas).
Local symptomatic relief of superficial venous disorders such as heaviness and tightness in legs with varicose veins in adults and superficial bruising caused by blows.
To reduce bruises or bruises on the body. If you have been bumped or fallen, you may have had a bruise on your body that is swollen and red. Thrombocid Gel serves to alleviate this condition and that you can feel improvement quickly.
To reduce tired legs or varicose veins on the skin.
Another of the most frequent uses of Thrombocid Gel is in the event that you suffer from tired legs or have varicose veins, especially in the legs. This drug promotes blood circulation and, therefore, will improve both conditions, thus promoting your health.
Thanks to its blood stimulation, this ointment is perfect to feel relief and less heaviness in the body.
Extra Strenght Version :  Each gram of Thrombocid has 15 mg of pentosan polysulfate sodium, a compound that helps us reduce the formation of thrombi and stimulate blood flow.

Apply the thin layer gel to the affected region and surrounding area.
It is not necessary to rub.

Composition: Melissa Oil; Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium; Pumilio Pine Oil; Rosemary Oil; Carbopol 980; Trolamine; Isopropanol; purified water.


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