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Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin Step 2 1L + 500ml / 50.72oz

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Brazilian Keratin Straightening Step 2 Pack – Includes :

5 x Original/Sealed Bottles of Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin Step 2 Each 300ml / 10.14oz = Total its 1500ml / 50.72oz 

Eco Keratin hair straightener from Cadiveu, has a superior composition: free of formaldehyde, vaseline, parabens and animal ingredients.

Cadiveu Professional Eco Keratin  organic straightening: is suitable for all hair types, natural, highlighted, coloured, etc

Thanks to its formula rich in active ingredients, EcoKeratin smoothing moisturises and eliminates frizz while promoting a natural smooth effect for 4 to 6 months.

Provides extreme luminosity and rebuilds the hair fibre.

It is also compatible with all other techniques. EcoKeratin is an Organic smoothing product, hypoallergenic, without formaldehyde and derivatives. It can also be applied to children and pregnant women.

Cadiveu Brasil Eco Keratin Step 2 is the new treatment of Brasil Cacau , which differs by having a formula based on sugar cane, which reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of the hair, eliminating frizz, gives smooth effect for up to 6 months and gives radiant shine.

The Brasil Cacau EcoKeratin Step 2 Hair Treatment featuring smooth and frizz-free hair! It is suitable for professional use only. Dermatologically tested.

Brazil Cacau EcoKeratin Step 2 restores the health of your hair and offers an incredible smooth natural radiant glow. Differences with other straightening keratin:

– The hair can be washed and combed on the same day, no waiting.
– The tips of the hair look natural and healthy, thanks to our exclusive method of application.

– Surprising result: 30% more penetration, restoring elasticity.

– Higher profitability due to their fast and easy implementation and lower costs per application.

We recommend, for better health of the hair, wait two days before do other treatments.

Allows you to perform a selection of new procedures with the treatment.

Eco Technology :

Centaurea Cyanus: A plant with violet pigments that prevents yellowing of the hair.

Sugarcane Cysteine: Active ingredient based on a natural carbohydrate from sugarcane and the amino acid cysteine, promotes natural smoothness.

Ômega 3, 6 and 9: Forms a lipid film over the cuticle and offers thermic protection to your hairs.

1 review for Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin Step 2 1L + 500ml / 50.72oz

  1. Amanda

    This product is amazing , It leaves the hair very straight and soft.
    I have a lot of thick hair and this Brasil Cacau keratin treatment is just amazing!
    It’s pretty simple to apply, doesn’t smell bad and your hair will be smooth, bright and super easy to blowout or whatever you take forever to do when you haven’t treated your hair in awhile.
    Great product , i love it !

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