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Cadiveu Detox Home Care KIT – Includes: Shampoo, Detox Hair Protein, Conditioner.

Double growth and maximum health!

The Cadiveu Detox Home Care Kit is a treatment indicated for the daily care of hair and scalp. Its exclusive formulation balances oiliness eliminates flaking and nourishes locks.


Protein Detox: returns nutrients, eliminates frizz and ensures softness and radiant shine!
Detox Shampoo: helps control oiliness and removes flaking from the scalp, in addition to promoting hair growth.
Detox Conditioner: directly contributes to the strengthening of the hair fiber and provides silkiness to the hair.

Salicylic Acid, Biotin, Jambu and Essential Nutrients.

Application advice
Apply the Detox Protein over the dry strands, from length to ends, in an amount sufficient to moisten the locks. Then proceed with washing. Dilute 10ml of the shampoo in 50ml of water to spread the product better and leave no residue. Massage the scalp gently and then rinse. Apply the Conditioner on clean, damp hair, from length to ends, avoiding contact with the scalp. Leave on for about 2 minutes and then rinse.


Your scalp is purified and revitalized, ready for the growth of strong and healthy hair.


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