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Cadiveu Professional Plastica Dos Fios Hair Magic Smooth Serum 215ml/7.27fl.oz


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Cadiveu Professional Plastica dos Fios Smooth Magic / Liso Mágico 215ml/7.27fl.oz
Smooth effect thermoactive treatment for all hair types.
Cadiveu Professional Plastica dos Fios Straight Magic Gradual Smooth Serum guarantees a smooth effect with memory, that is, the more you use, the more intense the result.
Cadiveu Professional Plastica dos Fios Smooth Magic Gradual Smooth Serum brings an innovative formula that penetrates the yarns to guarantee lasting benefits.
Reactivates the heat sealing effect and eliminates frizz. With it, you get an instant and prolonged smooth.


Shinesilk: forms a protective film against heat up to 230 ° C.

Acai: intensely nourishes the hair to revitalize its integrity and restore hair health.


It has a memory effect that promotes the alignment and discipline of the threads for a long lasting smooth.

Spray on damp and clean hair from root to tip.

Proceed with the usual brushing. Pass the board through each strand of hair.Tip: Use daily on all brushings to stimulate your memory effect.

Results: A perfect smooth, aligned, protected and frizz free.


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