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Cadiveu Sol Do Rio Shampoo 250ml


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Cadiveu Sol do Rio Shampoo is indicated for all hair types.

It promotes cleanliness without harming the wires and gives maximum luminosity, it has no sulfates, petroleum jelly, silicones and parabens.

Its technology has a formula with 21 amino acids + coconut water , this combination guarantees the resistance and elasticity of the hair against aggression and breakage, in addition to bringing it softness and shine.

With Cadiveu Sol do Rio shampoo, you start the process of rebuilding hair that has been beaten day by day.

The technology with 21 amino acids strengthens the hair fiber, replenishes lost hydration, repairs the most visible damage.

With the aggressions of the heat source, the chemicals, and the external agents of the environment, the scales of the hair which compose the cuticle, tend to be opened, already in the first stage of the treatment, the shampoo Sol do Rio deciduous goeshelping to keep the nutrients in the hair during cleaning, guaranteed softness and shine.

The Sol do Rio Shampoo is the solution your hair asked for so much, but you never listened to (We know he will love it). It’s the first step towards complete reconstruction.

Indicated for damaged hair, extremely opaque and with dead ends. Suitable for all types of hair.

Sulfate-Free: Free of aggressive agents, combats the accumulation of dirt without dehydrating, prolongs the effect of the progressive brush and protects against the fading of coloured/discoloured hair.


Its exclusive formulation contains 21 Amino Acids + Coconut Water.


Apply on damp hair and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation if necessary.


Shine and softness, thanks to the replacement of amino acids, making your hair visibly strong and protected against extreme damage.


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