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Hexomedine Transcutaneous 1.5mg Acne Topical Solution


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Hexomedine Transcutaneous Transdermal 1.5mg (1.5%) Acne Topical Solution 45ml

For topical use as an antiseptic for small, superficial cuts or as an adjuvant treatment for secondary skin infection.

Transdermal Hexomedine (through the skin) is used in the adjunctive treatment of localized infections of the skin, including infections of the hair follicles (folliculitis) and nails (perionyxis).

French spot treatment for acne pimples and ingrown hair.

Dries pimple in 48 hours, reduces redness, swelling and bacterial infection.

French model Camille Rowe’s favorite pimple treatment.

How To Use :

Apply twice a day by brushing or bathing. To treat infections of nails and surrounding skin, the solution can be applied: – using a damp dressing (over 30 to 45 minutes); or – by bathing (over 1 to 3 minutes). No rinsing necessary
– With a Q-tip, dab liquid on individual pimple, keep on for 3-5 min
Do not use on open wounds, mucous membrane, under a band aid, or on burnt skin
– Do not use on large areas

Ingredients :

Propylene glycol, methylal, nonoxynol, SD 40 alcohol, water, hexamidine Di-isetionate

The active substance is: hexamidine di-isetionate 1.5 mg / ml.
The other ingredients are: ethanol 96%, propylene glycol (E1520), methylal, nonoxinol 9 and purified water


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