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Merz Spezial Hair Active 120 Tablets


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Merz Spezial Haar-Activ, the “hair treatment from the inside”, makes a valuable contribution to strengthening the hair structure, promoting the vitality of the hair and healthy hair.

For naturally beautiful, shiny hair:

Merz Spezial Tablets are a dietary supplement for healthy hair.

The tables contain important nutrients for the hair, ensuring a full, shiny, beautiful head of hair.

Since the roots of the hair often suffer from great stress, it is important to support them.

Hair Active Tablets help maintain the hair’s shine and elasticity.

Merz Spezial is known for its high quality beauty products, but has also developed special combination ingredients to aid in beauty from within.

– Strengthen vitamins to supplement the missing nutrients for hair such as B6 B12 B3 Vitamin E

– Stimulates the production of cells that nourish hair roots, helps keep hair roots healthy and reduces breakage.


Take 4 capsules per day in 2 divided doses, drink with plenty of water.

1 course recommended from 8 to 12 weeks for best effect.

The Merz Spezial range was developed by a team of scientific experts, and each of the products has been thoroughly investigated, using profound scientific tests.

All Merz Spezial products have been subjected to strict quality controls, and special attention has been paid to ensure that the compositions have good tolerability.

The ingredients in all Merz Spezial products have been chosen to provide the relevant nutrients, in the correct proportions, to support natural biological processes.


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